About Us

We are passionate about creating marketing solutions
Our Powerful Platform

PushSend’s all-in-one SaaS marketing platform combines email campaigns, landing pages and event marketing to give business of all sizes all the tools they need to better engage their audience, grow and nurture customer relationships and drive more business.

The platform’s intuitive tools are designed to help businesses at every stage of their growth. PushSend is easy enough for the entry-level marketer, and robust enough for a seasoned marketing professional. All you need to do is PushSend and watch your business grow!

Our platform is uniquely positioned to help businesses at every stage of their growth. PushSend provides an innovative solution that enables businesses to build strong connections with their customers. We are focused on becoming the primary platform for all of your core marketing needs.
Eric Diamond
PushSend CEO & Founder
Our Mission
PushSend’s Mission is simple and straightforward — help companies of all sizes harness their passion, tell their stories and grow their business.
Our Story
Every business has a story to tell and we’re no different. PushSend’s founders spent years in digital marketing servicing businesses of all sizes in a variety of verticals. When we needed new tools to help market our business and sell our services, we decided to build them. And now we’re sharing them with other businesses.

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