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Sell tickets to your events online. Create multiple ticket types and offer discounts on tickets. Send out company-branded invites, reminders, and updates. Build branded event landing pages. Check in attendees at the event. Easily track invites and attendees.

Sell Tickets To Your Events

Create and sell your event tickets online. Offer free and paid tickets to events. Collect fees from attendees.

Create Different Ticket Types

Create multiple ticket types for your events. Customize ticket types with capacity, pricing and availability.

Offer Discounts On Tickets

Provide incentives to purchase tickets by offering discounts. Run promotions by creating dollar-amount or percentage-off discounts.

Get Secure Online Payment Processing

Our secure payment solution enables you to easily process credit card payments online. Get paid out for events via PayPal or Stripe.

Send Great-Looking Event Invites And Reminders

Design and send beautiful branded email invites and reminders with our drag-and-drop design editor.

Manage Your Attendee Lists

Manage all of your attendee lists in one central location. Track your guest lists to see who accepted or declined.
Image: Build Branded Event Pages That Convert
Build Branded Event Pages That Convert
Create and publish mobile-friendly landing pages via our powerful design editor and promote your event.
Image: Utilize the Power of Email Marketing
Utilize the Power of Email Marketing
Easily convert event attendees into email marketing lists.

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Image: Trigger Automated Emails To New and Potential Attendees
Trigger Automated Emails To New and Potential Attendees
Create automated workflows to send emails triggered by specific events or actions.
Image: Track Important Event Metrics
Track Important Event Metrics
Capture deeper insights on your events to make smarter marketing decisions.
Image: Integrate 3rd-Party Platforms Via Zapier
Integrate 3rd-Party Platforms Via Zapier
Connect PushSend with a variety of external apps via Zapier integration to sync important event data.

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