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Store, organize and manage all your email and event contacts in one place.
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List Management Has Never Been Easier
Easily keep your contacts up to date. Add, upload and remove contacts all in one place. Create as many lists as you need for your contacts. Assign contacts to multiple lists.

Easily Import Contacts And Add Manually To Lists

Connect with popular CRMs via our Zapier app to import contacts.

Segment Contacts To Create Targeted Lists

Group contacts based on location, demographics, behaviors and more and send more relevant emails.

Create Double Opt-In Lists

Mark lists as double opt-in so you can confirm that you have contacts' permission to send them emails.
Image: Export Contacts Or Lists to Excel or .csv Files
Export Contacts Or Lists to Excel or .csv Files
Easily export lists or groups of contacts to Excel or .csv files.
Image: Create Custom Contact Fields
Create Custom Contact Fields
Add custom fields to your contacts to store as much information as you need. The more details you have, the easier it is to create highly-targeted segments.

Centralize and organize all of your contacts for email campaigns and events.

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Image: Track The Growth of Contacts and Lists
Track The Growth of Contacts and Lists
Monitor the growth of your lists as your business grows.
Image: Maintain List Health
Maintain List Health
Our List Manager automatically removes unsubscribes, duplicates and bounces from your lists.

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