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Choose the Best Plan that fits your requirements.
Yearly -10%

PushSend Free

Yes it's Free, send a few Email Campaigns
Contacts: 500
$0 / month
Choose FREE
Choose FREE

PushSend Newbie

Just starting out with your Email Marketing and Landing Pages
$25 / month

PushSend Pro

All-ln-One Email and Event Marketing,
Landing Pages and more…
$169 / month
Choose PRO
Choose PRO
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No Credit Card Needed

You can sign up for the Free tier with just your email address. After signing up you can begin to create email campaigns and landing pages. You can use the Free tier forever as long as you stay within the plan limits (500 contacts and 1,500 sends).

Auto-Renewal Terms

PushSend is a subscription service, so your service will continue until you cancel. Your payments will auto-renew monthly or yearly depending on your selected subscription option.

Payment Types

You can pay for your PushSend account by credit card. PushSend accepts the following major credit cards for payment: Mastercard, Visa and American Express.
Payment type icons

Plan Limits

PushSend’s plans have limits on Contacts and Sends. If you go over any of those limits you will be charged for the next pricing tier. Say for example, you have a limit of 2,000 contacts and you pay $30. When you go over the 2,000 contact limit you move into the next pricing tier, which is 2,001 - 2,500 contacts for $35.

Easily Upgrade

You may upgrade your service plan at any time. To change your plan, just go to My Account, select the Billing Information tab and choose a new plan.

Cancel Anytime

You may cancel your PushSend account at any time. To cancel your account go to My Account, select the Billing Information tab and click the Cancel My Account link. When you cancel your account all your data will be deleted.

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